Cycles: The Science of Periods, Why They Matter, and How to Nourish Each Phase (Hardcover)

Cycles: The Science of Periods, Why They Matter, and How to Nourish Each Phase By Amy J. Hammer, Fatima Bravo (Illustrator) Cover Image

Cycles: The Science of Periods, Why They Matter, and How to Nourish Each Phase (Hardcover)

By Amy J. Hammer, Fatima Bravo (Illustrator)


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PubWest 2023 Book Design Award (Gold)

Reclaim your cycle and support your health with this detailed guide featuring 100+ recipes and practices from RN, and author of How to Grow a Baby, Amy Hammer.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to your cycle. But registered nurse Amy Hammer arms you with a strong foundation in physiology and hormonal health, explores historical and sociocultural aspects of women’s health, and reimagines the phases of the menstrual cycle as aligning with the four seasons to provide a detailed guide for living well in your body.

    Also included are nutritive recipes (kabocha squash curry soup, seed balls, wild salmon congee), supportive movement practices to incorporate into your whole day (abdomen relief stretch, buddy walking, foam rolling), and self-care rituals and recipes (dandelion-infused breast massage oil, alternate nostril breathing) to guide you through each phase of the menstrual cycle and of life—from the young adult and menstruating years to perimenopause and menopause.

    Become in tune with your internal rhythm, reclaim the meaning of self-care, and cultivate optimal health for every season of life. This comprehensive, body-literate guide includes:

  • 40 nutrient-dense, menstrual-phase specific recipes that support hormonal, emotional, cognitive, gut, and overall health.
  • The science behind menstrual cycles and how hormonal fluctuation impacts your brain, breasts, skin, and weight.
  • How to track your cycle using fertility awareness methods, allowing you to naturally and effectively avoid or pursue pregnancy.
  • Supportive full-body movement, self-care, and nutrition tips that optimize physiological and hormonal health throughout the phases and your lifespan.
AMY J. HAMMER believes in humble methods and solid tools that help readers cultivate meaningful lives. Her background in teaching yoga and movement, journalism, and environmental studies along with her experience as a registered nurse in cardiac intensive care give her a unique and dynamic approach to wellness. She is the author of How to Grow a Baby.

FÁTIMA BRAVO is a graduate of the University of Oporto and Barcelona University Design Center. She works as a freelance illustrator and graphic and game designer, collaborating with many companies on design and illustration work.
Product Details ISBN: 9781611809060
ISBN-10: 1611809061
Publisher: Roost Books
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English
“Amy Hammer separates menstrual facts from fiction in a way that is both friendly and approachable. Packed with crucial information you may have missed in health class, Cycles gives you everything you need to reclaim and embrace all the seasons of your cycle.”—Amanda Laird, registered holistic nutritionist, author of Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation, and host of the Heavy Flow Podcast
“For menstruators, learning about our biology and the intricacies of our menstrual cycle is a crucial part of unlearning the stigma we’ve lived through and the misinformation we’ve maybe been exposed to. Periods are powerful, and with a deeper understanding of our bodily changes, we can make informed decisions to maximize our energies and capabilities according to our menstrual cycles. I love that this book is one step to help do that!”—Nadya Okamoto, author of Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement
“In Cycles, Amy J. Hammer has written a remarkably thorough, comprehensive, and accessible guide to the reproductive and sexual health of humans who menstruate. She situates menstrual cycles in context of cycles of life and seasons of nature in a way that enhances our understanding of menstruation. The text presents a finely tuned balance of the complexity and variety of individual cycles with commonalities across cycles and menstruators, with many helpful illustrations. Hammer explains medical terms for anatomy and for physiological processes clearly and concisely, without getting weighed down by jargon. Cycles can be read straight through or in sections of interest, then kept on the shelf as a reference for life.”—Elizabeth A. Kissling, PhD, professor emerita of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, Eastern Washington University
“Amy Hammer’s Cycles is a modern update to understanding our menstrual cycles. The blend of history with modern-day science and thoughtful illustrations makes Cycles as interesting as a good novel.”—Halley Strongwater, clinical herbalist and founder of Loam Earth
Cycles is the book you always wish you had about your cycle that breaks down the science and history behind menstruation and beyond in an accessible, easy-to-digest way, while offering no-nonsense tips to improve not only your menstrual health but overall health as well. After reading the book, it struck me just how little I knew about something I experience every month.”—Auri Jackson, producer at Buzzfeed and writer, director, and producer of The Spot

“Amy J. Hammer has written a truly comprehensive and compassionate guide to reclaiming your menstrual cycle. Cycles provides women with a ton of insight into how their bodies work and most importantly how to align their daily lives with their menstrual cycles. This is revolutionary information that will help women cultivate optimal health throughout their lives. Definitely one to have on your shelf!”—Nicole Jardim, certified women's health coach and author of Fix Your Period