My Life: A Picture of Strength (Paperback)

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Sasha has suffered and overcame trauma in many ways. Her near-death experience is where she felt at peace and safe. As far as what happened once her heart stopped, she has no recollection of that.

Nothing could have prepared her for motherhood. Once she realized she was responsible for another human being, she became motivated. She sees it as inspiring, purpose-giving, and exhausting. It motivated her to become a better person so her children would have all they need. She worked ten times harder to get where she wanted to be.

Her and her husband celebrated their unity in public proclaiming they are meant to be until death. Couples vow to become friends, partners, and lovers. Lies, deceit, infidelity, and division were not in her plan. Her husband's inappropriate advances and molestation charges had repercussions. She was left aiding the trauma he had caused. She taught her children how to be strong, move on, learn, and use their feelings about this traumatic experience to drive them in a better direction. Her resilience and determination to keep going comes from self- belief.

"God is faithful and honor the faith of his chosen."

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ISBN: 9781662417993
ISBN-10: 1662417993
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2021
Pages: 72
Language: English