Journey to the Center of the Earth: Mandarin Companion Graded Readers Level 2 (Paperback)

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Mandarin Companion Graded Readers Level 2 Cover Image
By Jules Verne (Based on a Book by), John Pasden (Editor), Xingxing Liu (Adapted by)
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Join Professor Luo and his niece Xiaojing in their daring quest down the mouth of a volcano to reach the center of the earth. Guided by a mysterious passage on an ancient parchment and accompanied by their faithful guide Lao Xu, the three explorers encounter subterranean phenomena, prehistoric animals, and vast underground seas. A Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of Jules Verne's best-known works and one of the most classic tales of adventure ever written.

Mandarin Companion is a series of easy-to-read novels in Chinese that are fun to read and proven to accelerate language learning. Every book in the Mandarin Companion series is carefully written to use characters, words, and grammar that a learner is likely to know.

Level 2 is intended for Chinese learners at a low intermediate level, equivalent to roughly two to three years of formal study. Most learners who have been able to fluidly read Mandarin Companion Level 1 should be able to read this book. This series is designed to combine simplicity of characters with an easy-to-understand storyline that helps learners grow their vocabulary and language comprehension abilities. The more they read, the better they will become at reading and grasping the Chinese language.

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ISBN: 9781941875186
ISBN-10: 1941875181
Publisher: Mind Spark Press LLC
Publication Date: November 7th, 2016
Pages: 106
Language: Chinese
Series: Mandarin Companion