This Is Not Your Average Hair Book (Paperback)

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This Is Not Your Average Hair Book (Paperback)


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Are you tired of struggling with your hair, wondering why it never seems to grow as long or as healthy as you want it to? Look no further "This is Not Your Average Hair Book: The Science and Alchemy of Growing Long Hair" is here to revolutionize your hair care routine.

In this groundbreaking guide, author 22nd Century Natural Woman presents a fresh and innovative approach to achieving and maintaining luscious, natural hair. Drawing from years of scientific research and personal experience, 22nd Century Natural Woman combines the best of both worlds - the power of scientific knowledge and the effectiveness of natural strategies.

Inside this comprehensive book, you will discover the fascinating science behind hair growth and healthy hair. From understanding the methods to hair care to identifying the factors that can hinder hair growth, 22nd Century Natural Woman covers it all. But this is not just a scientific exploration; it's also a practical guide filled with actionable tips and techniques.

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and damaging practices. 22nd Century Natural Woman reveals the secrets of natural hair care, including a personal step by step regimen you can use to nourish your hair, proven methods to promote growth, and strategies to prevent breakage and damage. Whether you have straight or curly hair, this book provides tailored advice if you want to transition or not.

But it doesn't stop there "This is Not Your Average Hair Book" goes beyond routine hair care to uncover the secrets of hair alchemy, and takes a holistic approach to hair care, incorporating natural strategies that nourish both your hair and your overall well-being.

Product Details ISBN: 9798224627813
Publisher: 22nd Century Natural Woman
Publication Date: January 17th, 2024
Pages: 88
Language: English