How to Make a Wish List

Make a customizable wish list! It's a great way to keep track of the books you want to buy, make a list for a classroom or school, or make a birthday or baby registry. When you create the list, you'll get a link to it that can be shared or people can find it by searching on our website. Create more than one list, make it public or private, and upload a list of ISBNs or add books from the search function. Books can be purchased online and will be checked off your list-- for in store shopping, purchased items can be manually checked off. 

To start, create an account. Once your account is created, go to My Account at the top of the homepage and click the Wish List tab. From here, you can create a new wish list and manage it. You can click "Bulk Upload" to add a list of ISBNs, or start searching for books in the search bar on the homepage. Each book listing will have a button that says "Add to Wish List." Create your wish list then under the Wish List tab on My Account, you'll find a shareable link to your list.

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