Incident at Exeter Depot

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At the Heavenly Depot funeral home, a casket opens…and poof, the body is gone! Who snatched it? Where does it end up? Join artist-sleuth Maryvonne as she sifts through some of the creepiest lore in town. Meet noted Exeter suffragist Kate H. Davis and her High Street feminist friends in 1903, as well as Black entrepreneur and host to many US presidents, John Garrison Cutler. You'll also be introduced to Rebecca Barbadoes Walker, divorced mother of six. A fun way to learn about the Suffragist-era communities, both black and white, in Exeter, New Hampshire.This book is a part of a NH historical-fiction trilogy, which also includes "Incident at Exeter Tavern" and "Incident at Ioka."

RM Allen is the author of a historical-fiction trilogy set in Exeter, NH. "Incident at Ioka" (July 2020) and “Incident at Exeter Tavern” (Jan 2020) and "Incident at Exeter Depot" (March 2021). Through these books she shows what has been hidden in plain sight for all these years. All profits will be donated to a physical commemoration of that historic Black community, which included Black Revolutionary War soldiers, and existed for one hundred years.

She is also the founder of the town’s annual literary festival which celebrates the diverse voices of Exeter authors, past and present. More at Her website is

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