What We're Reading - June

What Stef is Reading
My 7-year old and I are enjoying this sweet middle-grade story about a Badger who is a rock expert, living happily in his Aunt Lula's brownstone, and a Skunk who shows up one day to be his roommate. It's a real Odd Couple situation, funny for both kids and adults. We are enjoying it!
What Caroline is Reading
I just started reading The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris. I am only a few pages in and already turning pages as fast as possible! This story is gripping right from the start. It is thrilling, captivating, and points toward the difficulty Black women face while navigating white work spaces. It is enlightening social commentary, meets workplace drama, meets thriller and I can’t wait to read more!
What Alice is Reading
Finishing up AAPI month with a Japanese children's novel. How Do You Live? is written by a philosopher and you can tell. Aimed towards kids, it's like The Little Prince without the fantasy elements. It evokes questions of kindness and forgiveness to others who may be struggling with unseen difficulties and yourself because you're not going to always act your best. Look for Hayao Miyazaki's adaptation that's coming soon! (Pub date 10/26/21)
What Mark is Reading
What Mark is Reading
For us lucky readers Rachel Cusk’s insanely tuned-in narrators continue to talk the talk seemingly living outside their own lives—their desires and own story-sides giving way to the nervy revelations and high alert analysis of others allegedly in their vicinity. This time an artist comes walking into their world and that can only mean one thing—artist-trouble. Second Place will never be quite the same.
Michael Robbins' new output in Walkman has (mostly) weaned itself off the prescribed timing and crispy rhyming of his previous collection and amped up his NY schooled chit chat and patter, unsure rushes of this and that--with all of its too apparent artlessness, trappings, and improper name dropping--proving any mix tape of his top picks is frequently high-geared-to and far ranging-ly transmitted regardless of the hardware it’s playlisted on.
What Ella Victoria is Reading
I’m reading We Are Not Born Submissive by Manon Garcia, which is about female submission in society, looking at women’s submission and submissive roles by choice and by societal pressure/ force.